Upstate Acts of Indecency

Albany to Poughkeepsie, all
breaks apart across Amtrak rails.
Cauliflower vapors and
dirges for those swallowed whole
erupt, halting
forward progress.
Guess that means another month
holed up in Johnstown? Or maybe it’s
indefinite. I’m not
jealous of those caught in the fissure.
Keep me contained, stranded,
leave me without a line.
Messes are made better in private.
No one is looking, so now I can
out myself to the Amish, because who are their
people going to tell? Still, I’ll train with
quarterstaffs, hone my
reflexes, learn to stand
sulfur, because someday 
those tracks will heal.
Ubu Roi and others will in-
-vade the village
without warning. I’ll commit
xenocide to escape, and after that
you will see me again with
zilch to prove.

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